Digital Transformation for Facilities

Powered by cutting edge machine learning, Cenozai’s platform helps you extract, link, and search information across all your facilities for real-time decision making.

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Engineering Knowledge Platform


Execute a series of workflows curated for process facilities, all in a single interface. Easily export it to your current Asset Management software.


Powered by computer vision and natural language understanding, our machine learning models can read and extract context from your unstructured data. Combine it with your structured data to generate a comprehensive view of your digital and physical assets.


You decide whether your project requires a single module or several linked together. Stack capability as your goals and process require.

Find critical information fast

Digitally speaking, a pump is defined by various data from sensors, structured databases, and unstructured documents. The last is the hardest to access—Gartner estimates that 80% of any company’s data is locked in documents—and arguably contains the most critical information, such as spares, equipment configuration, and historical performance.

Gaining access to this data is the prerequisite for predictive analytics, augmented reality, and other Industry 4.0 initiatives. Cenozai’s applications for automated data extraction enable you to rapidly access and use information from technical documents such as engineering drawings, vendor packages, and maintenance reports.

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Eliminate data silos

A heat exchanger on your FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico failed. It took your team 24 hours to identify the problem as “baffle failure due to tube fretting,” and fix it. However, unknown to them, a similar failure occurred on your vessel offshore Peninsula Malaysia last year. If your team had been able to quickly search for heat exchanger failures with similar symptoms, they could have discovered the incident reports of the failure in Malaysia and solved the problem in a fraction of the time.

Cenozai’s platform automatically finds relationships and links information across documents and data repositories, empowering you with a comprehensive picture of all of your facilities.

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